Burnt out from Online Dating?

Yup, so were we.  So we built "The Flock" for you, as our answer to how it should be done.  Our site/apps are different because we've made online dating more social.  We let members "Buddy Up" to form a support network.  This is awesome because with our friends by our side, we feel supported and consequently gain more courage and self confidence.

We'd love for you to join us, and see what our small team has created.  Invite your friends (single or not), share profiles, make matches and have fun.

And, oh yea, it's free.  So there's nothing to lose.

We build "Humane Technology".

If you've seen the "Social Dilemma" documentary you know that the tech industry has a real issue on it's hands. Making humans the product and manipulating users to make money is not something that will survive the long term. We, as technology leaders, must make a stand and do things right. This is why we are committed to protecting you and your information by practicing the principals of "Humane Technology"

We are also very committed to keeping you free from scammers, fake accounts, bots and other riff raff. Scammers can really spoil the experience.

  • We use cutting edge tools to boot out scammers,
  • We think ethically about every feature we add,
  • We dont use bots to pretend we have more users than we do.
  • We check every account flagged by our users

Can other dating apps say that?

Website and App Features

We're working on adding secure video chat, message forum, apple sign in, and more!

Quick and Easy Account Creation/Login

Facebook, Google, Email and Phone. Super easy. All account creation types are highly secured through Google Firebase.

Join with Friends!

We think online dating is better with friends. We let users join as Matchmakers even if they're not single! Friends make the experience less lonely, and more fun!


If two users "heart" or "like" each other a match is made. Matches are also created when a friend in the system forwards you a profile. It's simple but it works!

Scammers, Bots, and Fakes

We use cutting edge technology to identify fakes, bots, scammers and hackers. We analyze multiple data points to identify scammers, bots and fakes and boot them out. That's a BIG bonus for you.

Website and Apps

We have a website, but also Apps! That makes keeping in touch with users you're chatting with a lot easier!

Coming Soon!

User Verification System, Video Chat, News Feed, Forum, Games, and more coming soon! Very Soon!

Increase your chances of meeting someone

Buddy Up!

Research has shown that Friends/Family provide the social context and affirmations we all need while trying to find a real match. Having friends giving us advice along the way gives us the courage we need sometimes while single. Our friends become our cheerleaders. Why wouldn't we want them by our side?
Before dating apps exploded, Social Circles were the key way people met others. Dating apps fail you because they make you do it all alone. We changed that.

Share and chat

Share Profiles with Friends

How many times have you been on a dating app/site and shown a profile to a friend on your phone to ask their opinion?

How many times has someone told you they saw a great person on their dating app that would be perfect for you?

If you’re on our platform with your friends, you can share profiles to each other. Easy

The Secret to Dating App/Site Success

Friends helping Friends

Our goal here was to build an app/site where friends could unite and search the crazy internet for possible matches, together. We've found through research that friends/family hold a very key role in our decisions to pursue romance with someone. Yet they aren't found in dating apps. Why? To keep you single, so you keep paying them. Yup.
We hope some day to help our single friends (yourself included) in their journey through this time. And we will continue to think of better ways of doing things, and adding them to our application. We believe "online dating" can be better. And we're determined to figure out how.
Why not come along for the ride with us?

Like, Like, Match


We kept matching simple here at Flock. We don't believe algorithm matches are really that accurate anyways
Here at Flock, there's two ways you can get a match in the system. If someone you liked, likes you back and if a friend shares a profile with you. Simple system, but very effective. You're friends who know you BEST are finding people that would most likely meet your needs. Plus it's fun!

AI can't do that now, and never will.

Non Restrictive Messaging

We have chatting! And we dont restrict it!

Of course we give you the ability to chat with others on the site. We aren't restricting it either! Message away. We WANT you to meet people. So for now we're not restricting communications like other platforms do.

We're also working on other fun features to make the site more social. Stay tuned.

Video Chat coming soon too!

Free is awesome

We like it.. you like it.. everyone likes it

Free for the time being. So why not check it out? Click that Signup/Login button, and let's do this!


kind words from app users

I’m just amazed by this

This app is Awesome! it beats all the others to crap… I don’t think I’ve ever seen one like this before. I’m glad I found it. It’s about time someone knew what to make for an app like this. You guys have made exactly what needs to exist. I’m going to be telling all my friends about it ! I don’t think the other site creators are as enthusiastic and about helping people as these entrepreneurs are and that makes a huge difference…

Daren B “Hopeful to meet someone”

I found my Match!

Thank you to the guys at Flock Dating! This app WORKS! After being in a relationship for the last 15 years I wasn’t sure how this dating thing was gonna go, never mind online dating… You never know who you are going to find here. During our first date I knew we were headed in the right direction it’s now been over a year and we are still loving every minute of it..

Update: 8/2020 - We got married!!!!

Todd L. “Happy in Love”

Finally a site that gets it

It is SO COOL to be able to be in a dating app with my friends! I love this! I’m telling everyone I know about it. Thanks for creating this, it’s long overdue!

Lilly P. “Excited for whats next”